Watch This When You Feel Sad

Ordering Food in Singlish

Kid Dancing With Adults

Shake Well Before Use

Rap Battle

A bit controversial...but all in the name of fun

Old Lady Taking Driving Test

What a Fright

Stay tune for an unexpected ending...

Classic Airport Joke

Human Lazy Susan

The Brits! Got to hand it to them!


Transgender Breastfeeding

Kid on Jay Leno Show

What a smart kid she is!

Suntar Singh

Suntar Singh and Relax-ing!

Missing Snake funny

Penis Shaped Ice Cream

A little crude, but what creativity!

Plus Size Lady Dance

Wish I could dance as well as her...

Never too Old to Be Happy!

Be Happy -- Always!

Hotel Jokes (in Mandarin)

Cum Cum Cum

Two men of Indian descent get onto a bus in New York. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of them say the following:

"Emma cums first.

Den I cum.

Den two asses cum together.

I cum once-a-more!

Two asses, they cum together again.

I cum again and pee twice.

Then I cum one last time."

The lady couldn't take it any more and shouts, "You foul-mouthed sex-obsessed men, in this country we don't speak aloud in public places about our sex lives however extraordinary they are!"

"Hey, cool down lady," said the man. "Who talking about sex?  I'm just telling my friend how to spell Mississippi."

Alzheimer's Test

This is a test to check if you have Alzheimer's Disease. It will take less than 15 seconds.

How fast can you guess these words and fill in the blanks?

1. _ _NDOM
2. F_ _K
3. P_N_S
4. PU_S_
5. S_X
6. BOO_S

Scroll down for answers

5. SIX

You got all six questions wrong, didn't you?

Congratulations, you do NOT have Alzheimer's. You are just a pervert. LOL

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to demean those who are stricken with Alzheimer's.

Silly Laundromat Customer

laundromat customer

Lessons from your Home

Roof said: "Aim high!"

Fan said: "Be cool..."

Clock said: "Value time."

Calendar said: "Be up-to-date."

Wallet said: "Save NOW for the FUTURE"

Mirror said: "Always observe yourself"

Wall said: "Share others' load :-)"

Window said: "Expand the V-I-S-I-O-N"

Floor said: "Always be Down-to-Earth"

Stairs said: "Watch each step you take"

Toilet bowl said: "When it's time to let go,  just let it go......."

Relax, and let go of your daily mental burdens. Free your emotions and take time to smell the roses. If anything, that's what your Toilet Bowl is telling you!

Beauty Advert Boo-boo

mary chia

When your right hand is almost as large as your face, something's not right...

Before and After Marriage

Before Marriage

Man: Ah... At last. I can Hardly wait!
Woman: Do you want me to leave?
Man: No! Don't even think about it.
Woman: Do you love me?
Man: Of course! Always have and always will.
Woman: Have you ever cheated on me?
Man: No, why are you asking?
Woman: Will you kiss me?
Man: Every chance I get.
Woman: Will you hit me?
Man: No, are you crazy?
Woman: Can I trust you?
Man: Yes!
Woman: Darling...

After Marriage: Read from Bottom back to the Top